March 25, 2013


I forgot to check PostSecret yesterday. O_O I feel so disoriented now! Haha...

Also the boyfriend and I keep almost breaking up, but then we end up not doing it. I'm not sure why. I always just feel so horrible about suggesting he move out. You know?

Hmm... dunno what else to say.

There was a blizzard today. What the fuck. >_<

I like pictures?

Question - how do you all feel about this whole Google+ thing? I can't access some people's profiles (so I can find their blogs) because they have it and I don't... argh.

Currently reading The Devil Wears Prada. ^_^ Near the end. It's so girly, but for some reason I really like it...

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  1. If you want to break up with your boyfriend, you need to stand your ground. It's not horrible to suggest he moves out. If you don't want him living there, that's your choice. Don't let guilt keep you in an unhappy relationship, okay? *hugs*
    I don't use Google+, it's too confusing haha. I have trouble finding people's blogs on it a lot, so I much prefer the normal blogger interface.


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