March 09, 2013


We don't have internet. Still. They're coming on Wednesday to install it.

The boy is getting extra hours at his job. Yay?

And. The frustration. The library decided to fucking block Blogger. WHAT THE FUCK.

So guess what I'm doing? Instead of going somewhere else that has free wifi (there are plenty of places), I just used https instead of http. Good job, library.

Also, I can't access my thinspo because the library blocks tumblr stuff. What the FUCK. Dear holy GOD people what is your PROBLEM.

Oh and I do have my period now. It's miserable. The only good thing about this is it's a bit more regular now.

Current diet is carrots (1 big one per sitting, not the baby carrots) and half cups of nonfat yogurt.


/still a fatass.

So... no pictures. Sigh.

I really should break up with him, shouldn't I...

Love you all. <3

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