March 21, 2013

Lost Boys

Still reading Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card. It's kind of hard to read because he's extremely Mormon and he seems to hate anyone who's not, and this comes out enough to be noticed in his writing. But then, the book is still pretty good, albeit extremely predictable. In fact... I'm not entirely sure of why I'm reading it. I guess that even though I know what will happen, I still want to know how it happens. XD

Also, my puppy's birthday was yesterday. ^_^

She's a year old now!

Oh and apparently our neighbors got so annoyed at us for asking them to keep their loud party down at 1am that they told the rental agency that we complain about them whenever they make any noise, including quiet conversation. So now our rental agency thinks we're... I dunno. It's annoying though. It's like... seriously? And the fact that the agency believed them and not us... Nothing against stoners, but these people are drunk and loud stoners. And 1am?? Seriously?? I mean it's one thing during the day, but when people are trying to sleep? Arghh... just really ticked off right now. I mean, we're not getting in trouble for it, but the agency is really small, only like 3 women work there I think and they recognize us whenever we walk in, so now they're being all bitchy towards us. Also, apparently Google Chrome thinks bitchy is a word, but stoners isn't. XD


Happy thoughts!

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  1. Happy birthday to your puppy! I remember all my pet's birthdays, which my family think I'm weird for.
    Loud neighbors are a bitch. Our neighbors always blast music in the middle of the night, it sucks. xx


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