March 06, 2013

Squee x2

The second squee post.

We're getting internet turned on tomorrow. YAY FINALLY OH MY GOD!!!

I got more birth control pills (for the next 28 days). Still no period, little bit of blood maybe ish. I looked it up (ugh what a nerd T_T) and apparently with this particular pill, I shouldn't worry unless I'm going a second month without a period, and not having a period in the first month of using it is quite common. So, not freaking out and just enjoying not having a period. Lmao.



Frodette, you're right. Also, I'd love to play you in Magic some time. I just started this summer. <3 Wish there was a way to do that. T_T

I'll give him until he's done with his GED's. I really don't want to stress him out. Which means... he has like a month. 5 weeks. I think. Ugh.

Maybe not. =/ But... I mean... it's his fault, right?

Also... God I'm just noticing all this stuff.

He has a habit of picking up trash (at home) and putting it in his pockets with the intention of throwing it away later. Nothing gross, just like receipts and papers and stuff. But he did that with a Snickers wrapper (surprisingly, no melted chocolate or anything left on it... but then, we do have a dog rofl) and he put it in his pajama pants pocket. Then when we got in bed, the crinkly noise was bothering me so I asked him to throw the trash away and he reached into his pockets and was like "oh it's money" and I'm like... kay. Then I was folding his pants this morning (making the bed) and I still hear crinkling and I'm like... wait money doesn't sound like that. So I take out the wrapper.

Long story. Sorry. Point is, why would someone lie about something so trivial? Seriously... what the hell?


I don't know I just hate living with him. He's so hurtful and he doesn't even realize it. But he makes me cry like every other day then he does this whole sad "I didn't mean to I'm so sorry please let's talk about it" thing and I'm like, the first few times, okay, but when it happens like, dozens of times? Seriously? And it's the same things over and over again.

No no no no no. I'm done ranting.

He's irresponsible so I made sure the internet was in his name. XD So if he doesn't pay the bill (he was the one who wanted to pay for it in the first place), he gets hurt, not me. Thank God. I hope I can switch it over to my name easily. I think I will be able to. Also, there's no activation fee so... yay!


Next post will be happy. Seriously.

I promise.



Peace offering? =)


  1. An ultimatum is good in that situation. Not to go all ghetto, but "he be needing to get his shit together or his ass is on dat curb"

    That WOULD be cool to play together. I'm sure there's some sort of online thing.

  2. Yay for no periods on birth control! When I started taking contraception, I lost my period immediately. Haven't had one in four years now. Enjoy it while it lasts!
    P.S, don't worry about offending me :) I know I'm way too thin at the moment, and it doesn't look good. I'd rather get comments like your's, than from girls who say they want to be as thin as I am.


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