March 11, 2013

Uhh... wow I think that last comment on my blog was spam... o_O I dunno... maybe not? Eh whatever.


Hm. I had things to say but I feel so shitty today I dunno... i just wanna talk.

I threw up last night. I actually had a good reason for it! I had taken my birth control pill (I take it at 10pm) and then the boy and I had to go out on our bikes for something and it was cold and slightly drizzly and I just randomly started feeling absolutely terrible. Nauseated and dizzy like everything was spinning and not sitting still like it was supposed to. So when I got home I made myself throw up to make the feeling go away. It actually worked. =D

Oh and the boy got a raspberry ketone pill. Apparently they're great diet pills? Dunno. He said he's worried about his weight, but I can take them too because he knows I've been dying to try them ever since he said he knew someone they worked for.

Also, I have my doctor's appointment this afternoon. I really hope they can figure out what's wrong with me and deal with it because this is getting ridiculous. =/

How are you all?

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  1. Pfft yeah, that spam got sent to practically every blog. Annoying as hell!
    Be careful with the diet pills. They're more trouble than they're worth.
    Good luck at the doctor. xx


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