April 29, 2013


Your comments all made me tear up... d'aw thank you... <3

Hm maybe I should do comment replies like a lot of other bloggers seem to do them o_O

@Skittles - I have no idea what you mean by "nazis are heroes" (no one in their right mind could agree with what Hitler did, could they?) but uh... o_O thanks for the comments I guess. I do agree that living completely apart from civilization would be fun. XD

@determined girl - Yeah it is interesting to read through old stuff and see what's changed... gets kinda depressing when you realize everything's stayed the same though XD And really, it wasn't that much trouble to read through your blog XD It was much better than studying for exams <3 ahaha

@Bella - That's one thing I love about animals... they're also so warm. ^_^ Thank you for the support <3

@Amy - It is gorgeous! My family lives mostly out in the country, so there's a lot of forest and open fields for horseback riding. ^_^ And thank you as well <3

Rageeee I had things I wanted to say but I forgot them T_T

There's a new Monster Rehab out! It's pink lemonade flavored <3 I love it ^_^

It's finals week so I'll be home a lot. YAY! But it's also finals week, which means finals... sigh.


I'm rereading the Uglies trilogy right now. =3 Very light reading, but it's nice when I'm all stressed out about finals.

Haven't weighed myself since last time I posted. Not sure I want to.

The boyfriend made a banana/almond milk/avocado smoothie this morning and made me take a sip because he thought there was something missing. It tasted so fatty (like... really high-fat? Does that make sense?) that it made me feel nauseated. =/

Thank you so much for the lovely comments <3 They really do make my day.

I hope you all have an absolutely fabulous day. <3

And if you get bored/need a distraction, I seriously recommend Imgur. It's a wonderful site <3 It always makes me feel better.

Some healthy food porn... <3

Ugh my stomach's making some very odd noises XD Ah well.
....That's a lot of fruit though o_O Looks like a whole week's supply of food o_O Or at least a few days... Or maybe one day if thats ALL you eat... but still o_O

Okay I really am done now! Haha sorry about that I'm a little spazzy >_>

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  1. I love Uglies! It's an amazing series.

    Good luck with finals! I'm sure you'll do great.


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