April 27, 2013

Thank you for reading my blog and caring. It means a lot to me. It really does.

Hm. So I'm definitely breaking up with my boyfriend at the end of the summer. Why end? Because I'm a horrible bitch who uses people. I'm leaving for most of the summer and he's free dog-sitting >_<
I'm just so tired of him making me feel so terrible about everything.

My weight is embarassingly high. Like. Really high. It's 59.9kg.

I feel like I had things to say but I completely forgot them. XD

I've been reading blogs like crazy and they make me feel so happy. <3

I suck at commenting though. =/ I'm sorry.


My life is really boring isn't it. XD

Hopefully things will get mildly better when I get to Maryland. My dad has an adorable kitty. Which means a) adorable kitty and b) I'll be drugged up on allergy meds. Ahaha XD Okay not actually drugged up but you know >_<


  1. Always a tough decision to end a relationship. Been there. I hope it all goes well. Enjoy Maryland! I've never been there before but I always imagine it to be beautiful :)

  2. It's definitely a tough decision hun, but if he's making you feel so terrible it's probably the right move.
    Enjoy going away for the summer. I looove kitties! (as well as puppies) It'll be winter here, so yeah. Time for cuddling with the pets in the warmth of blankets :)
    Stay safe sweetheart. Sending you a huge hug <3 xx

  3. Ah, darling! Your comment warmed my heart and made my day.. thank you for taking the times to read through my blog-- through the ups and downs, through the times of having no words to share and through the times I needed to let everything out, through the words that have voicelessly flown from my fingers.. It's interesting how things and people around us change and it always shapes us into who we are, right? Life's not always glamorous, it's full of disappointments, yet (and I guess it's a good thing) we tend to remember the past prettier than it was; I've been re-reading my old posts lately as well, and they always bring memories back.. some nice, most of them miserable, but everything's that ever happened to me helped build who I am today.

    Well, anyway, I guess what I wanted to say before I went all sentimental on you-- THANK YOU for your caring, loving, darling words. There's never enough nice words thrown out there, so I've learned to appreciate them a lot more when some of them are meant for me.

    You're beautiful, girl, and I will certainly take the time to get to know you through your posts.

    Much love,


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