April 22, 2013

Proper post?

Except not really.

Oh did I mention we didn't have any internet this weekend? But the tech guy came this morning while I was in surgery and fixed it.

And now I'm drinking caffeine-free (herbal) raspberry tea. And on this tea note.

I have AWESOME tea.

A local shop sells Catnip! And it can be made into a tea! You just make it the same way you would make any loose-leaf tea. It's super relaxing and calming. ^_^
Ahaha I was blocking out the name of the city I live in... though now I realize that there's a phone number right there... ah well. >_<

So yeah I have catnip tea. ^_^ Hehe. I really want to expand my tea collection. I only have Fairytale (a local cafe apparently made this as a custom-blend tea? The owners gave me some for free! It's a loose-leaf as well), catnip, green tea, and raspberry tea. Sigh. Very tragic.

Ah well. XD

<3 Life is quite fabulous when you have tea.

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  1. I haven't had Catnip tea, but I've had Damiana (turnera diffusa) tea which is quite relaxing. Both also make a nice smoke, teehee :P


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