April 12, 2013

Happy happy happy wheeeeeeeeeeee

We just found our apartment for next year and signed the lease! We're moving in mid-August (they need time to clean it, which is really good because the current resident has an adorable kitty, and I'm allergic to cats) so... yay!!! It's soooo cute! It's an upstairs apartment, but the entrance is this little room (actually, decent-size considering it's a one-bedroom apartment and it has no apparent function) where we could put our bikes/shoes/outdoor shit. All carpeted. The room is only for us (meaning our neighbors can't get into it, since the lock to our apartment is on that door) and then there's a flight of stairs (we have downstairs neighbors) and a little hallway. From the hallway, there's a good-sized bathroom, a really big kitchen, a living room area, and a small bedroom (with a giant-ass closet o_O). And there's so many cabinets and storage space... oh my God. It's all carpeted and it's really cute and cozy. Rent is $425 + utilities. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Haha and my boyfriend and I are terrible, terrible people. We bike everywhere, right? And this one car was following us (not creepily) and there was a red light which another car was stopped at. The car behind us went around us and pulled up behind the car. And we just biked past, ignoring the red light, and laughed about how lame that guy was. Dunno. Maybe you had to be there.

Squeeeee we're moving into a super cute apartment! It's an upstairs one, so we won't have loud neighbors above us. Haha I know I already mentioned this, but I'm just so excited. We may end up switching the bedroom/living area because our bed is so big, but that's fine. ^_^


Haha I love Fridays. I dunno why. I have like two weeks left until finals. -_-; Then summer break! Ahhh so excited. La la la.

Life is fabulous, non?

Hehehehe XD

Oh and I'm in wait-list positin #1 for the psych class I need to take next semester, so there's a super good chance I'll get it. So...yay!

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  1. Congrats girl! Lots of time to plan and pack, always a bonus :)
    Have a great weekend sweetie <3 xx


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