April 15, 2013


I got my classes scheduled.

Eek please don't stalk me! I probably should have blocked out the locations of my classes. =3
Ugh I didn't mean to leave a "lunch time" open... XD It's okay though. I can either go to the rec, creepily walk around campus (there's a cemetery in the middle of campus o_O), or play on my computer for that 50 minute break. ^_^
It's 17 credit hours and I plan to get a PT job so... I should be pretty busy next semester. ^_^

Ugh I'm gonna miss my puppy so much while I'm gone. T_T I hope my boyfriend remembers to feed her and give her water and treats. T_T

A PostSecret?

Nothing against Christians... 


I wrote an essay on abortion (and how I think it should be legalized, but obviously for good reasons, not just "oh I'm not going to use protection because I can always get an abortion la la la") and emailed it to my mom (I always email her essays I need printed out since I don't have to pay for it that way. I'm a cheap college student T_T). I didn't think she would read it but she did. o_O She told me she loved the way I presented my argument and she completely agrees. Ahhh it made me so happy! I was worried she would completely disagree with me. =)


I hope you have a fabulous day. <3


  1. Sounds like you have an awesome mom! And like you are going to be super busy! I'm hoping to go back to school in July so I'll be busy right along with you ;)

  2. the distance, cost, and legal inconveniences required to obtain an abortion makes me think the number of women who get them as flippantly as you described is a total conservative myth.


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