May 01, 2013

Cathy's Book

I adore this book/series. It's done by multiple authors and it's really... interesting. It's not really terribly deep or complex or anything, but it is a good series.

Ugh my neighbors are outside my apartment being loud. RAGE RAGE RAGE.

And I've encountered problems. The boy said he's getting ankle/wrist shackles+chains to match my collar over the summer while I'm gone. Grr. If I wasn't planning on breaking up with him, I would be excited. But... I am, so I'm not.



3 finals left. One tomorrow, two Friday.

I'm liquid fasting indefinitely. Probably just 2-3 days though. Ahaha. >_< I suck at life.
And I suck at fasting.
Today I've had a Monster and more catnip tea than I would like to admit. XD

I plan to stick to tea/water for the next few days.

Hopefully I won't look quite as much like a fat whale by May 17. >_<

I'm tired of my dad calling me fat.


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  1. fat?
    you wouldn't be fat if i made you wear a fat suit love (i have been reading your posts from before just not commenting so i know)
    though i do not condone it, i hope you wouldn't feel too bad on it (liquid fasts can be so shitty)
    you have a collar? sexy
    "Ugh my neighbors are outside my apartment being loud. RAGE RAGE RAGE." dear gosh im dyingg inside
    no i can't imagine a T-Rex making a bed because i'd go into shock trying to imagine it

    -Sam Lupin


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