May 23, 2013


So sleepy today... I've been crazy busy all week. Ah interning's great! I finished one of my projects today and got to sit in on some interesting hearings in court, so I'm happy. XD

I have a long 4-day weekend ahead of me. My dad said he'll probably come up. Wheee -_-

For some reason, saying "I'm not hungry" doesn't work here. What the fuck?
And today when I walked in, the secretary was all "if you're hungry, there are doughnuts downstairs for everyone!" and I'm like =3 kay. Lmao didn't touch them. Wasn't even tempted. Wasn't sad that I wasn't tempted. Law is wonderful for me. It just puts me into this super driven state where nothing can distract me. Absolutely nothing.


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  1. i love how your display pic is of cupcakes. the irony on that punches me in the face all the time.
    hearings in court. doesn't sound interest.
    omg you're a law person. that's so fucking hot.
    -Sam Lupin


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