May 27, 2013


Oh my God. I'm enormous T_T

I went horseback riding for a few hours last night. It was fun! I hadn't been on a horse in a while and the guy who owned the horses (distant family member) let me ride a really excitable one. Ughh... It was fun though. <3 We rode for about an hour, stopped at a campsite where a couple was hanging out and chatted with them and stretched our legs and they ate bread (wtf?) and rode back. Ahaha the ride back was crazy! It was basically completely dark so I had to completely trust my horse to get me home safely. At one point we had to go up a really steep incline with branches all over and I had to lay forward and hold on to the horse's mane so I couldn't see anything (if it had been bright enough XD). Then as soon as we got out of that I fell off because my saddle had gotten pushed to the side by the horse's difficult way of getting up the path. Ah well. I didn't get hurt, which was really lucky since I fell into a thorn bush. XD


Yeah I dunno. Haha. My dad got here yesterday and ranted to me about how I'm a child and I need to lose half my weight or my mom will kill him (not literally, but that expression that people use a lot? You know what I'm talking about?). He's still enormous as ever. But apparently I'm the one with the weight problem. Haha. Aw I love my parents. >_<


Leaving for Latvia on Sunday morning. <3

Thank you for reading my blog. <3

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