May 15, 2013


@Sam - I've really gotten a lot better about purging. I used to do it like 3-5 times a day, every day. Now it's just once every week or two. ^_^ I'm not thin... but thanks for the comment ^_^ XD

Ehh leaving for Maryland on Friday morning. My ride offered to go out to lunch or something before my flight. I'm like... um, no? >_< But I don't know how to politely refuse. She's a family friend (she's giving me a ride because her daughter has a flight from the same airport on the same day, which is really lucky because this airport is an hour away!) and I'm afraid if I act weird about food, it'll get back to my mom, since this friend likes to talk a lot. She's really nice and she's actually pretty cool (she does horseback riding too!) but I dunno... =3

Blah I'll tell her I'm too excited to eat. Haha. That always works, right?

Hm besides that I really have nothing to say. o_O

I have piles of errands to run today. I have to get q-tips, razors, cleaning wipes (for computer/phone/ds), uhh... TEA. Um.

I think that's it. =3

Oh and if you're in the US... I would LOVE a texting buddy. Not the lame pro-ana thing, just a friend to talk to who won't judge me (if you can read my blog without hating me, you probably won't judge me haha) and stuff... you know?

Anyway, message me if you're interested? My email's =3

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  1. i was a purger as well. the whole 3-5 times a day and i used to be very good. just try not to go back to it, love. you know it as well as i do that b/ping is a surefire way to gain/maintain and it tampers weight loss goals. the response from it is unpredictable.
    'too excited to eat.' never used that berfore. i might actually do this in the near future.
    omg the amount of tea you can consume is just fucking hell bb
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'll do this right now actually.
    -Sam Lupin


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