May 29, 2013


Ugh road trip tomorrow. Spending all day in a car with 2 guys (law clerks) going to visit a retired judge. Woooot. Okay, more like day trip. Haha. Hoping they won't flip out if I don't eat lunch or anything... They probably won't. Guys know girls are all weird about food, right? I'm obviously bringing money with me so like, if they want to stop I can get something and throw it out or something if it gets desperate... hoping it won't come to that though. =3

La la la.

Here's a picture of the house I'm staying in! I found it online but that's exactly what it looks like so....

It has 8 bedrooms, a pool, and tennis courts. =3 I luff it. It's amazingly peaceful here. Okay nevermind I've gone into that before. Freaky thing? You can see my bedroom window O_O Anywayy... XD

How is everyone else doing?


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  1. wow what a house
    and just as i read the 'fuck food' bit i just ate 250 calories of graham crackers. without any remorse. those things are yum!
    and they're chocolate-flavoured.
    -Sam Lupin


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