May 16, 2013


Leaving tomorrow morning. Wheee!

@Sam - Oh I know. That's actually why I stopped! And because I was tired of seeing blood and feeling my heart do weird shit. XD

Hm. I dyed my hair this morning. Well, actually the bf did it for me. XD It's a dark red/brown. There's one patch that didn't get dyed. -_- When we were done, we were looking at that patch and we were like... did it already start drying or is it not dyed? Turns out it wasn't dyed. Fuckkk. But the bf is going to the store to pick up another box of dye to fix it and I'm hiding at home so no one sees me. XD Hopefully it'll work! The color's nice, though when I saw it, it reminded me of Bella (the lovely blogger) and I'm like... ooops I hope she doesn't think I'm trying to steal her hair color XD I just have a thing for dark hair... ya know?

About to go back now as soon as I do the online checkin for my flight (yay modern technology!). 1 minute left! Lmao. (You can only do the online check in EXACTLY 24 hours before the flight, not a second sooner than that. Later is fine though. Just wanted to clarify since I know some people don't bother with it.)

OMG YES YES YES! (Feel free to skip this, it's not interesting unless you're a creep haha) Okay let me explain this first... My dad, being a bit of a jerk (he makes loads of money that he really doesn't use) uses the cheapest domestic airline (they may do international flights, but we always use Delta or one of the European companies for that) which is called Southwest. They don't assign seats. Instead, they put people into boarding groups. A, B, and C. Group A gets to board first and pick their seats first. C gets to try to find a seat after everyone else is done. Your boarding group is determined by how early you check in. So... the online check in is SUPER useful. Or you can just pay a few $100 extra to get into group A. But I got into group A just now so... YAY!

Haha I dunno sorry I've been sipping on alcohol for the past like... 24 hours. >_<

Sipping though. So I'm not drunk or even tipsy. I think. Haha. I dunno. I'ma go pack now.

I love you all. <3 And remember - you're never alone! Haha.


  1. oohh that hair colour sounds awesome ^.^
    have a good trip! <3

  2. one bug in your room
    omg i love tumblr
    :( i hate that you had to experience that, angel. <3
    awwwwwww youre so adorable. always hide at home because you're too adorable for sunlight.
    besides, you're a vampire ;)
    alcohol? hmmm.
    and have a safe trip. i hope nothing happens sweetie <3
    -Sam Lupin


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