May 02, 2013

Picture Post 5/2/13

(fyi Doghouse Diaries is an awesome webcomic and you should totally check it out if you have some spare time)

If Dogs Could Text...
Texts from dog ^_^ Really funny

60 of the world's happiest facts

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  1. is that Neil Patrick Perfection im sure thats his real last name
    the second one is nice =)
    'read a book' with Facebooks lettering. yeah. right.
    baby bunnies are called cute Vampire. you're adorable.
    McDonalds can go suck on my dick. their chips suck butt.
    the last two are so sad.
    and awwww the last one
    i can't say i relate (i don't use make-up and red lipstick has a habit of making me look like a prostitute). i don't think people can tell just by looking at me that i've purged. i think ive abused that power.
    -Sam Lupin


Not all vampires bite! Comment? ^_^