May 10, 2013


Sorry about the multiple posts XD

Ugh so the boyfriend and I went to the store before he had to go to work because I needed to pick up my medication (2 month supply of birth control for this summer). And at the store (this was around noon - he works at 1) he was all like I'M SO DIZZY I'M GOING TO GET 2 DOUGHNUTS FOR BREAKFAST. Then he forgot his money so he was all like NEVERMIND OMG I'M SO DIZZY.

And I'm like.. wtf?

Do people really get dizzy after skipping one meal, even if they haven't done anything besides sit around playing video games all morning? o_O

I mean, I'd had some catnip tea for breakfast and I was perfectly fine o_O

It was weird.

I dunno.

I also got a KIND bar, a lollipop, and a KitKat. Please don't ask why. I have no idea. XD I don't plan on eating them so I might just... I dunno. Have them around for decoration? Lmao.

La la la how are you? <3

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  1. oh look
    you posted a picture of me [i'm pear-shaped]
    it depends on your body. i mean i do get majorly dizzy and even throw up bile if i don't eat one meal. it also depends on the kinds of meals your boy eats. i do eat like absolute shit its always crap and i eat crap all day long but for me, skipping a meal is skipping two or three of my snacks as well so yes i can get majorly dizzy very quickly.
    mostly because after restricting, my body can't tolerate withstanding long periods without food else i'd get dizzy. your boyfriend's dizziness may not be a sign of lack of food at all as well.
    that KIND bar (i have no fucking idea what this is), your lolly and your KitKat is for me. obvs.
    -Sam Lupin


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