July 20, 2013


I have decided that I will be "uber-clean housewife" girlfriend. This would probably work better if the bf didn't play video games whenever he was home or lie to my friends and tell them the bruises on my arms are self-inflicted, but that's okay.

I have peppermint tea and alcohol and coffee and Fairytale tea and dish soap and cleaning products and far too much self-hatred to sit still, so I'll clean and the apartment will be spotless.


We're moving August 16. Wheeee.

The new apartment shall be even more spotless.

Food makes me feel ill so... no food.

Just coffee and tea and a little bit of alcohol if I start getting too uptight. Haha.


I can't wait until school starts back up. >_< I'm going mildly crazy.

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  1. Your boyfriend sounds like a little bit of an ass (just a tiny bit). Maybe set the record straight with your friends about the bruises when he's not around?
    Ugh. I need someone to be a 1950s housewife to again. The single life does not suit me.

    Have a fab day cleaning. It always feels good to look back on a hard day's work.
    <3 xx


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