July 13, 2013


Haha oh man... confidence has got to be the number 1 most sexy thing ever.

I'm currently reading a Feast for Crows (GoT book)

Ugh my bf left his phone here and it keeps going off. So annoying. -_- His ringtone is all preppy and it's like...ughhh.


The bf got me a new Spyro game yesterday. Wheee. <3

I think I'm developing a video game problem. >_<

Video games are good for you, right?



  1. There's no such thing as a 'problem' with video games. They're fun and most definetely good for you. I need to get back into gaming myself, I'd love to play WoW again one day.


  2. Video games are awesome...I have...well over 100 games right now on several different consoles, plus Dungeons and Dragons Online (I am FAR too cheap for WoW, but I used to play obsessively...like, skip school just to play WoW...don't worry it was like, eighth grade, I didn't miss much).

    Ssadly, I have seen some Intervention episodes about gaming addictions...which I cruelly thought was hilarious!

  3. Hey there :) I fixed the link in my blog but wanted to come by here and let you know the link in case you didn't check back. It's happyherbivore.com scroll down to the bottom and click the "get meals" link. It's been an awesome tool and really helped me get back to a more focused and healthy mindset. Hope you look into it and find success with it as well!


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