July 09, 2013


Heehee Frodette <3
I'm too scared to watch Game of Thrones because I'm reading the books and they're quite gory (for me, I hate war stuff) and I heard the show is super sexual... =3 I bet it's violent too. Like, I love medieval stuff and from what I've seen of the show (pictures on Imgur), the actors seem gorgeous... but then I'm like... I'd have to see all the sex and blood too... especially the blood... argh.

I'm still watching Gossip Girl >_> Yay for old shows? Lmao!

My Monster Rehab tastes too sweet this morning. >_< It's kinda worrying me.

And I ran out of spinach last night, so I'll have to figure out something new to do with my smoothie today. Might try tea. Apparently if you blend tea leaves with milk, it turns out good. =) And I do have a delicious tea and almond/coconut milk (60cals/serving), so I think I'll try that. ^_^



  1. I watched the first couple of episodes of game of thrones - lets just say there was a lot of beheading and sex and boobs ;D I want to watch the rest of the episodes though, it's really good!
    I've never watched gossip girl, although I have watched shows like it :) I have a list of shows I need to catch up on over summer!
    ooohh yes changing up your smoothie sounds nice^^

  2. You are right...it's like medieval porn half the time. But it is sooooo epic! I am hooked. I need to read the books though, but I'm too cheap to buy them, the library refuses to carry them, and no one here likes Game of Thrones...and those who do, think books are lame! Grrrrr.


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