July 02, 2013


This was hilarious for a different reason. My scale battery is dead (I hope!) so I have to get a new one today. Sigh.


Probably a good thing though. It gives me another day to lose a little weight hopefully!

I ended up having nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt for dinner last night. Too much of it. >_<

And my liquid fast is actually super healthy! And not completely liquid... This week, my "smoothies" are going to be half a glass of almond milk (45cals), a strawberry, and 5 leaves of baby spinach. So... healthy ^_^. And cheating, but I'd really like this to be a long-term thing, so yeah....



  1. The best smoothies = strawberries + milk. Too easy, too yummy. I should really try this almond milk thing though.
    And oh no for dead scale batteries! Fingers crossed its the battery, not the scale.

  2. Oh, that's not so bad! My oldest sister does something similar to that...only with juice. That sucks about your scale...mine is about to die out too.


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