July 11, 2013


Hmm... I think I might give Game of Thrones a try actually. =3 Haha I've been getting the books from the library >_> Yay for being a poor college student and living 5 minutes from a nice library? =)

Soo I went to goth night last night. Oh my God. ^_^ Haha I was wearing black leggings, a super short denim mini skirt with silver designs on the 4 pockets (2 in front, 2 in back), a tight black tshirt, and black goth-ish boots. And my purple collar. When one of my friends saw me she was like "dayumm" (haha I dunno how to spell it... but you know what I mean?) and her sister gave me a mini-lecture (wtf? I don't even know her sister) on how attractive I looked. And one of my (straight, Christian, preppy o_O, female...) friends said I look sexy and she wished she could look as sexy as me. >_<



A few friends played with my collar and this crazy looking gay guy kept giving me hugs and groped my boobs XD He was ridiculously gay though so it was okay. He kept asking me (and anyone else around him) to find him a cute guy to make out with and said he would find me a cute girl. He did but she scared me when she and her (gf? friend? I dunno o_O) like, jumped on me. Not in a bad way, just a very... sexual and open way. >_< Ah man it was fun though! There were two guys dressed up as Mario and Luigi and one guy dressed up as Doctor Who. He had the whole long coat and sonic screwdriver thing. ^_^

Of course I still felt fat as fuck next to all the barely-dressed, gorgeous girls. And guys. Sigh.

Oh well.


 My smoothies back when I put spinach in them. I've decided to start doing tea and unflavored (but still sweetened >_<) almond milk ones now. Just sounds better than these super filling spinach/almond milk ones.
 My portal to Skyrim <3
 And my lovely box of Monster Rehab. Now finished. Sigh. I'm switching to black coffee in the morning though. Much less sweet XD
<3 Sorry for how dark those were btw >_>

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Those smoothies look delicious! And awww Pikachu! I have a Charmander lying around somewhere...Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time at the club! Shame you felt self conscious a bit though. I felt like that a few days ago at a punk concert...soooo many sexy chicks!...and those that weren't ''standard sexy'' owned whatever they were/looked like. I envy confidence!


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