July 07, 2013


Haha yay so nice to know I'm not the only one here who enjoys video games. <3 Thank you for all the lovely comments.

Did I mention that the bf wants to drag me to this goth night thing at a local bar? It's every week, so I mean, it's not some rare special event or something. Sigh. I want to be thin before I go though. So... yay more motivation?


More like more motivation to throw up all the time.


The smoothies are such a lovely green color and so foamy. Oh my god. Haha.

That and Monster Rehab is like, heaven.


Spyro is an adorable purple dragon.

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  1. Aww, I love Spyro! All dragons, in fact ^.^ I go into a puddle of cute when Khaleesi's dragons are on TV in ''Game of Thrones''
    Your boyfriend sounds like my boyfriend. he also wants to take me to this Goth club night that occurs once a month here, but I'm so shy >.< It does look like fun based on how he talks about it. I say go, and dance or mosh the night away or whatever.


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