July 18, 2013


I ate and now I feel terribly sick. Like, healthy food doesn't make me feel too terribly ill (apples, cucumber, bell pepper... you know, safe food), but junk food? Even a little makes me feel too nauseated to move. That's a good thing, right?

The bf went to work today and brought me home organic peppermint tea <3 he's so sweet.

And I'm covered in mosquito bites. It's driving me up the wall because one is right on my shoulder blade. Argh!

And I'm bruising super easily. Like I had a really bad nightmare yesterday and the bf had to hold me down so I wouldn't hurt him while he was trying to wake me up and there are two big bruises on my arm now. Yay... -_-

Too terrified to weigh myself at the moment... It's driving me up the wall.

On the super positive side, I can drink Monster again. <3 My pink lemonade rehab isn't too sweet for me anymore. YAY!!!


Thank you for the comments btw. I don't feel as bad about the Tumblr app on my phone now. >_>

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