December 28, 2011

Christmas summary

Well. Christmas wasn't too bad. Like Maja said, it's not really Christmas without snow. But I did have fun. On Christmas day, we went to one of my distant relatives' house and it's out in the country. There's a guy who lives behind their house and I believe he's either a really, really close family friend or her father-in-law... haha this family is very confusing. Anyway, he owns horses and I've ridden his horses before. So while everyone was cooking, doing yardwork (aka cutting down trees for the fireplaces), running around chasing the dogs/chickens (the kids), or just chilling out (the great-grandparents), this guy and I (and a few other people who slipped in an out of this activity as they desired) went horseback riding. He had just gotten two new horses that he was trying to get broken in so they'd be cool with the farm and people riding them and stuff. They're walkers. If you don't know horses, this means that they have slightly different gaits than the average horse (they have another level of walking which most horses don't do) and their gaits are really smooth.

New paragraph. Take a breath. Haha I love horses too much...
The horse I was riding was named Desmond. My stepaunt (her house was where we were all meeting for Christmas) was a pretty good horseback rider, but she said she couldn't get him into a canter the other two times she rode him. I got him to canter quite a bit in the meadows around the farm. It was awesome... his canter was heavenly once you actually got him into it, which took a bit of persuasion. Don't worry, I only kicked him once and I would never use a crop on him! Even if they had crops... not sure if they did. Then we went on a trail ride through the woods. He was so well-behaved... ah it was wonderful.

Then, because we hadn't had enough horse-ness, the horse owner and I went out in the wagon (he had been giving rides in it all afternoon while I was riding Desmond) and he taught me how to drive a horse-pulled wagon. We went out on the road to his friend's house, where the lady offered me a drink. Apparently they didn't have water (what the FUCK?), so I thought iced tea would be safe. Theoretically, it would be. But hers was sweetened. Holy shit. My only comfort as I took a sip and set the glass down was that it was the first thing I'd consumed all day and I'd probably burned a lot of calories riding Demsond for a few hours earlier.

Then we came home (aka to the stepaunt's house) and had dinner. It included sherry and wine. Haha. My dad kept glaring at me when I took a sip of whatever I was drinking, which was ridiculous, since I mostly drank water. I only had 2 glasses of wine. Haha. I slept amazingly well that night. Alcohol is good for that. I know, I know, high calorie shit, but if that's all I had and a pretty good workout with horseback riding that day, I think it's okay. The good night's sleep was almost worth it.

And now I'm hanging out with my biological father's cat and all Sudafed-ed up because I'm allergic to cats. Thankfully, Sudafed is something you can take without food. Yay!

Haha okay there was a lot of horse-ness in that post... I apologize... >_<


How are you all doing? <3

Oh and Merry Christmas, my dears! Or whatever other holiday you celebrate.

Hopefully it's not too stressful... I know I was worried as hell on Christmas morning. You should see my legs... the sharpie covering a few of the cuts is still clearly visible... >_<


Love you all. <3

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  1. I'm just catching up through all of your posts but I wanted to say that I love all the horse-ness in this one! Riding is such an excellent way to burn calories without feeling the "ugh..gotta go workout" stuff. I haven't ridden a Walker in ages though. Glad you had such a wonderful day!


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