April 16, 2017


So I broke my tooth while wasted beyond all belief on Valentine's Day. Not sure if I mentioned this.
Ever since then, due to the dental procedures involved in fixing my teeth, I haven't been able to make myself sick.

This is literally killing me. Like, I've been making myself throw up multiple times a day (with a few exceptions, like when I stupidly tried "recovery") since I was in my early teens. So to not be able to do that all of a sudden is literally pure torture.

And apparently I don't know how to eat without being able to throw up. So I've gained like 10lbs. Guess who is freaking the fuck out.

I'm terrified.

I don't know what's going to happen to my mental health before May 2, which is when I get my permanent crowns and can hopefully go back to throwing up everything.

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