July 09, 2012


To answer a question - I'm about 5'2.5" - 5'3".

Hmm update.

It's not pretty. As you can tell by my weight.

4th of July, I wore my size 2 jeans for the first time. They fit perfectly. Yay!

Then everything went downhill.

We went to a party and I got horribly drunk. Throwing up/passing out drunk. Apparently while I was drunk, I ranted about how I thought I was horribly fat and made myself throw up. Also, a random guy there (not a creeper) said that when he saw me, he was hoping I was single and he told my fiance he's really jealous of him. Haha. God I dunno.

Woke up at 52.7.



All-day hangover.

Then had a sleepover at the dieting friend's house. She's on her diet. She ate 5-6 pieces of cheese pizza covered in honey mustard. We stayed up all night playing a scary game and drinking chocolatey coffee. That's basically been it.

The boy made tofu today and he was all happy as fuck cause it turned out well.


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  1. Sounds like one hell of an effective diet that girl is on. Wow. But yay for size 2 jeans! That has to make you feel good.



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