August 26, 2012


Okay... this was after 2 cups of coffee (the super fatty chocolate raspberry one...sigh I'm a fatass), a few cups of water, and a full day of eating (no not an all day binge, just eating when I got dizzy because we were walking a lot as usual)... oh and wearing my collar and a Chinese charm and all... blah blah blah. But still. I'll be better though =) I promise!

My puppy got her first squeaky chew toy. This might sound like a terrible idea but it actually isn't. XD She doesn't actually know how to make it squeak but whenever she does it accidentally she'll sit there and whimper a little about it. We think it's either because she feels bad that she hurt her toy or that she wants to make it squeak again and she doesn't know how. Still adorable as hell. XD

1 comment:

  1. That is so so so adorable about your puppy, haha.
    Good luck with your eating and stuff today darling.


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