August 07, 2012


We were at the fiance's friend's house yesterday. He's not a terrible person. He's the person giving me a kitten. (Oh! I didn't mention this... ahaha sorry I texted all my friends about it but for those of you who I don't text... YEAH I'M GETTING A KITTEN! Even though I have a cat allergy... ugh it's not too bad so I should be okay! He's black and white and sooo cute ^_^) And I dunno... he's not a *bad* person, but he does have more jerk moments than he needs to.

So what happened first was he said something slightly offensive (sexual joke) about girls. Nothing horrible. Or else I didn't understand it. Haha. And my fiance looked at me, laughing, and said I can hit him. Then jerkface got all ticked off and he was all "I would never let a sub hit me, even playfully."

Then we stopped at a gas station to get snacks. Fiance got me a Monster Rehab (10cals each, the lemonade one is awesome). And jerkface started ranting about how I'm too thin and how he's going to give me super fattening food and stuff. Btw I'm not thin at all! Ugh. It was terrible.

So... yeah not in a good mood right now.

Though I guess I should be happy that a few people said I looked too thin/scrawny? Even though that's impossible considering my weight...

Nyeh whatever.


I'm getting a kitten.


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  1. Aww, when are you getting the kitten? What are you going to name it? So cute.
    And if I were you I'd just try and take it as a compliment, it's better he thinks you're too thin than too fat, haha.


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