November 25, 2015


Looking all fat and shit.

I'm not going grocery shopping until this weekend and the only safe food left in my apartment is instant oatmeal (160cals, have about 5 packets left) and steamed veggies (they're frozen, come in 5lb bags, super convenient). Sadly, I also have Thanksgiving tomorrow. Fml. Since there'll be quite a few people there (my mom likes inviting other families/grad students who have no family nearby to holiday celebrations), it should be easy to just get away with picking at my food.

I'm working today, Friday, and Saturday, which should be fun. Well, not fun, but burn loads of calories. Hopefully any potential customers will be too busy doing Thanksgiving stuff with their families and won't come in to the restaurant (where I work in the kitchen.. lmao) for dinner.

not me, though I wish it was

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