December 31, 2015


Goodbye, no longer safe food. One rice cake (35) with 1.5tsp raspberry jam (2 tbsp is 35, so total this is less than 70).
But the rice cake part freaks me out. The jam freaks me out. So, no longer safe.

Safe foods:
-half cup frozen berries with half cup fat free vanilla yogurt (mixed)
-veggie burger
-monster rehab
-hot apple cider (Keurig)
-half cup chickpeas with half cup bell pepper/onion (with a dash of salt)
-quorn cutlet with half cup corn
-chai latte (Keurig)

No more than 2 of these per day.

not me XD

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  1. Do you have a stick/immersion blender? One of my favourite treats is equal parts vanilla yoghurt and frozen strawberries with a little bit of sweetener, blitzed together until it's creamy. Just something a little different :)



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