December 03, 2015


I saw my ex on my way back from class yesterday. He was walking with some chubby chick in trashy sweatpants who I assume is the girl he's dating. I was with my boyfriend. I keep remembering it and it's making me sick. I'm surprised that they're still together. Shortly after he moved out to live with her, she sent me a message and asked me if it was normal for him to have fits of uncontrollable anger. I told her yes and encouraged her to seek help or contact the police if she felt unsafe.
But then it kept bugging me that he would happily hit me and choke me when he was stressed/had a bad day/was angry, but he wouldn't do that to someone else. Does that mean there's something so awful about me that a supposedly nice guy because violent around me?

My current boyfriend is awesome. He's cuddly and affectionate and gives me space when I need it and doesn't question my weird eating habits too closely. Mostly because he's a bit weird too. I don't think it's disordered. I think it's just the weird habits of someone who has a strange work schedule and only eats when they're hungry, which most people don't do.

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