September 12, 2016


I worked 8.5 hours Saturday and 5.5 yesterday.

I've been throwing up a lot, and not really eating much.

My head won't stop spinning.

I think I might start smoking again. Like, for real.

not me

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  1. Please try not to pick up smoking again. I won't lecture you on "oh the health issues, oh my lung damage is going to result in an early death" or what a "dirty" habit it is. I get it. What I will say is that you've quit once, but that doesn't mean it'll be as easy to quit the second time around (not that it was easy, I'm sure, but it gets harder each time). Plus it's such an expensive habit, especially if prices are rising as quickly as they are over here. Your poor throat must already be under such a strain from purging - please don't add the irritation of toxic smoke. If you can avoid it, please don't pick it up again.

    All said out of love and concern, and I hope didn't come across as preachy or a lecture <3



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