September 20, 2010


Current weight: 124.4lbs.

Ugh. Freaking bloating. And I've had approximately FAR TOO FUCKING MANY calories today. You know what? I'll just list it. It's been a horrid binge-y day.

-Mini bagel (100cals exactly)
-Steamed baby carrots (10cals)
-C&S half a tofurkey sandwich (5cals, for anything I swallowed)
-Starbucks black coffee (hot... Omg holding it felt so good! 2.5cals since I had about half during my calc exam today)
-glass of rice milk (100cals)
-oreo (70cals)

...Ugh. I feel fat. So total for today is uh... I suck at math. Probably failed my calc exam. Err... 287.5. Wait. Um. Someone wanna check my math? XD

Oh and the camera on my phone broke. Like it'll take for freaking ever to load, then it'll go back to the screen where you select "camera" "camcorder" or "voice memo" Fuck. That means no pics until I get a new phone or get it fixed. Like you guys actually wanted pics of me... XD

I'm making peanut butter stuffed chocolate cookies for my French class on Thursday (class is Friday). Heh. I'm quite excited about this. I love the idea of making other people fatter, since as y'all see by my weight, I'm most definitely getting fatter. >.<

I'm sorry for being such a failure blogger =( I'm just trying to be honest and all, but apparently that's a bad idea when you're such a fat pig.

Oh and Alba, thanks for the comment =D I'm following you now. Your blog seems new, so welcome to the blogging world! ^_^

Woot... Hopefully the next time I post I'll be thin!

And for those of you who are crazy, or bored, there are links to my slightly more frequently updated food porn and thinspo blogs to the right --> ...Yep. XD

Love y'all <3 Thank you for reading and making me feel special!

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