June 05, 2011

This made me happy

Also I've gotten some comments (mostly through private messages on YouTube) on my video... wow =)

Sophie - thank you ^^

I was 127.8 yesterday. Mom made me eat a really big dinner (500cals approximately) but I didn't go over 800cals for the day. I still feel like a fat pig.

I wish I could get out...

Oh! I got my schedule for the fall semester =D

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Intro to psych - 12:45 - 1:50
Chinese 101 - 3:20 - 4:30

Tuesday, Thursday
Physics 101 - 9:30 - 10:45
French 301 - 2:15 - 3:30
English 111 - 4:10 - 5:25


I'm a linguistics-psychology double major, with a potential Chinese minor. So...yes :3 I'm very excited ^_^

And yesterday my mom said I should join Spectrum - the LGBT club thing at the university =D Ahh she's finally accepting that I like girls!!!

And and and it was sooo funny when I mentioned what I'm majoring in to my friend and he was like "a cutter majoring in psychology...that's like a murderer majoring in criminology" Totally cracked me up for some reason.


How are you lovely ladies? (and any guys that read, of course <3 <3)


  1. 800 cal is awesome, in my opinion! that's probably what I SHOULD be eating... :-/

  2. Your classes seem fun. Chinese sounds awesome (and hard!).
    I'm glad your mom is supportive of Spectrum. My parents and I (especially my dad) don't talk about my feelings towards girls. :(
    And I love the picture!

  3. I can't even imagine how difficult chinese would be. lol

    And I think majoring in Psychology is a great idea, it'll help give you an intimate view into your mind. My friend was an extreme drug addict in high school, but she just majored in something that has to do with helping drug addicts. She says she feels at home because she knows EXACTLY how they feel and how to deal with them. It'll be the same for you when you're helping someone that is cutting - you'll know exactly what to say because you've been there and know WHAT to say.


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