February 28, 2012


Fucking fatass. Binged yesteday. 410cals total. I know, less than 500cals, I should be happy. But I ATE. And this is what I get for eating.

I'll be gone until March 11. Might post before then. Doubt it. I'm going on a cruise to Mexico.

Oh and... um... =3 I don't know how to say this without being seen as weird or anything but I do want to put it on this blog, since I feel like it's going to be pretty important in my life...

=3 How this happened with me being a lesbian and all is completely confusing. But I have a Master now. He's getting me a purple leather collar. And yes, I do trust him with my life. So... yeah I don't know. We've been really close (friends) for years. Longer than any of my other friends. He reads my mind perfectly. I think it'll be okay...

So... pictures! Random ones >_< WARNING: Some of them might be triggering! Please be careful, my dears. I want you to feel okay. <3

Love you all, my dears. <3

Sorry for the shit post. It'll be better next time!

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  1. Ah HA! So here's where the Master thing comes in. Very interesting. Is it a sexual thing or more of a comfort thing? Because I know that people do something like that for different reasons. Heck, some do so they can be someones pet without any sexual pretense at all

    Personally, i don't think it's weird. To each their own and if I get lucky I planned on trying something similar in the future. Lol.
    again, not a stalker xD I just had to see if you talked about it before your most recent posts.


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