February 10, 2012

Chrono Trigger

Nope this post has nothing to do with the game, but I love the game and I couldn't think of another title.

I got a tattoo on Wednesday.

Please ignore the face in the background. >_< I suck at taking webcam pics.

The angle is a little weird, but it says Free.

It makes me happy. =)

And yes, it is permanent. Ahaha my dad asked if it was permanent when I texted him and told him today. My mom and stepdad saw it on Facebook and said they liked it. =)

Dunno what to say.

Pic time?

Theme: Pokemon with random shit thrown in.

Never eating again. Why? My food will never be as cute as this. ^
I really want this!

Why am I jealous of her? Because she has a TOGEPI. Oh my God. T_T
Look at the dress. LOOK AT IT.

Thank you for the lovely comment, Maja =) I'm sorry I don't comment your blog... I just can't read it. >_<


Edit: Totally forgot to mention this but... while I was getting the tattoo, the guy (who was so nice <3 <3 <3) was talking to me and I asked how much it would hurt (cause I'm terrified of needles) and he was like "well, not that much. But if it didn't hurt, everyone would do it." and I was like O_O


Yep. =)

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