February 07, 2012

Nothing else can save me

S.O.S. ~ Mamma Mia

I have a cold right now. This includes having a really weird sounding voice thanks to my cough (= almost losing my voice all the time). This does not stop me from throwing up every day. Woot.

Why did I mention that I have a cold? Well, for one, I'm on cough syrup right now (how many calories? I don't know. Yes I am terrified.) so I can't really think.

Don't Stop Believing ~ Journey

I had to go to the health center (my friend took me to make sure I went) yesterday. I was freaking out so bad cause I thought they would notice that I make myself throw up a lot. Apparently I shouldn't have worried about that. I should have been more worried about how cut up my arm was. Fuck. I told the doctor that I fell on a barbed wire fence and she seemed to believe me though. Haha. Hopefully that'll be okay.

Day 10 - something you're afraid of
Being discovered. If someone found out about what I do (purging/cutting), that would be...horrible. =/ That's probably one of my worst fears.
I feel like I should have said gaining weight. But for some reason being discovered is an even worse fear. Barely.

Thinspo/inspiration because I haven't done this in months =) and I think I should do it more... looking it up was fun!

Try to guess the theme. =P

A girl can dream, right? =)


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  1. Ah, I hope you get better soon.
    These pictures are wonderful by the way. :)
    'A girl can dream'- yeah and we should dream.


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