September 09, 2012


Which is why I haven't wanted to blog. I've been drinking coffee like crazy though. And I went on a cleaning spree the other day and cleaned the whole house. Haha. I'm trying to train my puppy to run on a leash and it's not working very well.... whenever I get anywhere above a super fucking slow jog, she'll decide that she needs to run right in front of my feet. Ridiculous, considering how long her leash is. Ugh... -_- Advice?

Those are my babies. =D Zorro sleeping between my fiance's arms while he's playing Fable and Akira being chill. ^_^ Adorable, aren't they?

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  1. In the wild, dogs (wolves) will run in a straight line so as to disguise their scent by leaving a single set of tracks so this behavior is completely normal. To train your pup to run beside you, you'll need to keep the leash considerably shorter and give small, quick tugs to the side (away from your body) every time she tries to move in front of you. To make it easier for your pup, always keep her on the same side (at least until she completely understands the concept). You can add in a negative vocalization to reinforce your leash command if you like. Hope that helps!!


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