September 20, 2012

So I created my own little hideout here. Okay, it's not really a hideout since the fiance knows exactly where it is. But I told him that it's only for me and my kitten. I can go hide there and play computer games and read (Just read Center of Winter... oh my God it's a good book!) and drink coffee and tea and cuddle with my purr monster... it's wonderful! =D And I can exercise to my heart's content. Muahaha! I'm so happy right now. =D

I was all hyper today because I had about a pot of coffee and no food. XD Yay!

Sorry for posting so much by the way. >_<

The boy thinks all I want is sex. Sigh. It's depressing. I don't want sex. At all. Is that bad? It's not him. It's just sex. I don't want it.

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