March 12, 2016


black swan in China 
university campus in China
I'm working another double shift today at work so my boyfriend is getting me a Monster Rehab <3

Apparently I'm getting trained as an opener this summer (we only have 2 right now), which means I'll be getting a key to the restaurant. O_O Kinda exciting that the owner trusts me that much! I'm done with the first part of my shift for the day today - the head chef sent me home early because she knew I was working again tonight. She's awesome to work with and it was really relaxing at work today, even though we were busy prepping loads of food (veggies mostly ^_^) for the next evening/week. Last night I got super stressed and I just kept thinking "if I was thin, the head chef (evening chef, not day chef) wouldn't be such a bitch to me and I should just never eat again" It was really upsetting =/ Like I came home in tears and binge watched Scrubs with my boyfriend.

My best friend's father passed away Thursday night and I'm not sure how to help him. 

Thank you, Sam <3 (my best friend's name is Sam O_O)

I did the quest on Destiny to become a stormcaller, which means I can kill enemies by electrocuting them and stuff. So that's pretty exciting.

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