March 21, 2016


So I told my therapist today about my purging and how it seems to be getting a bit out of hand. But she's still focusing on my anxiety and how uncomfortable I am with it. She might be right, I don't know. She did say she has a plan for me and outlined it today - first, she wants me to feel like her office is a safe space for me, then she wants to help me make the rest of my life feel safe for me, and after that she wants to deal with my "emotional issues" stemming from all the bad things that have happened to me.

No clue if it'll work but we'll see. I don't think I'll be bringing up eating issues with her again. I'll just lose as much weight as possible. It's clearly not an issue.


  1. firstly, you are the one that dictates where these sessions go. all she could do is convince you otherwise. she may be right, but if you feel like you need to tackle purging first then anxiety let her know. if you're comfortable for what she had set for you, then by all means continue. it's all about how you feel about it.

    it is an issue and you know that it is. do not let your eating disorder lie to you or tell you otherwise. you deserve help just as much as anyone else does. you are special and important.

    let her know how you feel xxx

    i really want you to break free from this curse. you really do not deserve this. you deserve far better.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I'm proud of you for taking that step to start opening up a bit more. Like a Sam said, we all know it's an issue and unfortunately a big part of your life. I don't think she meant to belittle your suffering by referring to it as 'emotional issues' - I think she wanted to keep all cards on the table for an open discussion on all aspects of your mental health, instead of focusing purely on the ED.

    Love <3


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