March 23, 2016


Bella and Sam, thank you for your encouraging comments.

It may be that my therapist thinks that my purging is related to my anxiety (I may have given her that impression >_<), so she thinks that dealing with the anxiety will help the purging as well.

I have no clue if it will or if I even want it to.

I realized recently that Kind breakfast bars (110 calories each), broccoli (steamed), baby carrots (cut long-ways into fourths), and thinly sliced radishes are basically my only safe foods =/ Veggie burgers and tuna make me way too anxious. They're too high calorie (yes, I know tuna has fewer calories than those Kind bars, but then I get anxious because it's an animal and ... ugh.)

Also, those sparkling ICE waters are so good <3

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  1. do you think that maybe you could start to incorporate more? i know it's beyond difficult, especially with the safe food thing but what i did notice is that if you make yourself eat small amounts of something, build it over time, that it's possible. it's dealing with the anxiety part of having have eaten something that isn't safe is debilitating. it's terrible, honestly, nobody deserves this. but it's no more debilitating than having only three or four safe foods, you know? and like... the way i see it is that one of them has a way of breaking you out of the cycle.

    i really like this quote. someone was just like "all food is safe. it is not going to kill you" and they are right.

    take care, love. i hate to see you struggling. xxx

    good luck with everything.

    -Sam Lupin


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