November 17, 2010


The teachers who used to love me see me as their worst student now. I can see it in the way they look at me, the way they talk to me and avoid looking at me. I'm a disappointment. I'm just another one of those seniors who gives up.

Sleep? What's sleep? Why would I ever need it? I ask myself as I drink my diet coke at 1am. Go to school and sleep. What did we do today? We had a quiz? I don't remember taking any quizzes...

I used to be a perfect student. Every teacher's dream student. I didn't really try, it mostly came naturally to me.

Now? I just don't give a fuck.

My Stephen King books are more interesting (I'm currently reading the Drawing of the Three)



It's not like anyone cares.

She made me eat vegan mac and cheese today. And almonds.

And she didn't let me throw up.



  1. Aaw. I get what you mean about the sleeping ^_^ I don't seem to sleep at night these days either. And thank you about the blog header :)
    Hope you're ok,
    Night_Flower x

  2. I love Stephen King! Sorry about the insomnia. It's such a bitch.


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