November 16, 2010


Hmm... So I'm going to do a bit of advertising. Why? Because I've found something that makes me happy. Appleseed (click me!) It's basically this rifle/history thing. It's fun! There was one 3 hours away this weekend and my stepdad and I went and it was fun. I got to spend a day (it's a two-day thing, but I spent Sunday just hanging out and reading (The Gunslinger by Stephen King) and doing homework) playing with a rifle =D On my first try, I hit this square that was the size of a person's head if the person was 250meters away... So that was pretty exciting! Ok, it was pure luck.. but ya know.

This isn't mine! Just a Google Images thing, but yeah... XD It's that square on the left. You actually shoot from 25meters away, but the *size* is as if it's 250meters away. So. Yes.

Then we did these things called AQT's (Army Qualifying Tests, I think) and if you get like, over a certain score (200 something I think) you got a little Rifleman badge and it basically means you're fucking sweet.

Yeah that's it =) I failed miserably on mine, but it's ok! Usually takes a lot of practice to do well.

Night_Flower, thank you! =) I love your like header pic on your blog btw... It's so pretty! <3

So I just realized there's a link to my blog on PrettyThin... I'm excited =) Makes me happeh. And I have 12 followers <3 <3

This weekend I was doing 170 cal days. 140cals of coke and 30cals of miso soup. Worked perfectly, though I was/am all dizzy... Ah well! It's worth it. My legs are covered in blood. Ugh. Oh well. I like the pain. It's comforting.

I can't wait until I graduate and get out of here. Ugh

S&M (Metallica...) is heavenly. Metal + symphony. So... perfect. Listening to Devil's Dance right now. Wherever I May Roam is better. I'm referring to the s&m versions of these two btw... XD


If you read this, you're awesome!

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