March 02, 2011


My weight in kg today. I'm a fatty.

Yesterday- (weight: 58.9)
1/2 cup coffee (nothing added)
12oz diet coke
1/2 glass dark chocolate almond milk

But I purged... (yeah yeah redundancy... SUCK IT) so maybe it'll be ok <3 I'm not eating anything else today, maybe drinking some water

I'm kinda worried. My stomach hurts like a bitch whenever I purge. Or binge, but mostly purge. I don't care. Better than letting all that food rot inside me. Oh God it hurts though....

I have to drive to piano today. In like, 7 minutes. Fuck... This is not gonna be pretty

I fell asleep in psych today and the fat girl who sits next to me was all like "are you okay??" when I woke up. I just laughed and told her I didn't sleep last night. I did, but not very much. Fell asleep around.. 12:30ish. Woke up around 5:21 and couldn't go back to sleep, got up at 6:30 for school

Wish me luck driving... FUCK my stomach hurts like a bitch

Sorry this is such a depressing post =/

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