February 28, 2011

Mini post!

Don't wanna talk really. Liquid fasted yesterday. Ended up having 175 cals =/ (breakdown - 130 from dark chocolate almond milk and 45 from vanilla almond milk). Woke up to 59.5 on the scale. Woot. then I binged today... ugh... whole wheat pasta and red bell pepper/broccoli/onion cooked together in oil (mixed in with the pasta) (It was from last night's dinner) (at least mom can't say I never eat now... she was questioning what I ate yesterday). Almost had a bunch of pistachios/peanuts, but then I was like fuck NO. At least now you still have a chance if you exercise tonight, if you eat more I KNOW you'll gain, so I just stuffed them in a bag and into a coat pocket (never wear/have worn the coat XD) =3 That cheered me up slightly. So I threw up that binge and had half a glass of 7up (55cals) and dark chocolate almond milk (60cals)-spaced out obviously, not mixed together! Lmao. Might have some more 7up later... The sugar helps me concentrate. And then I'll exercise a bit tonight.

Ohh shit this was not a mini-post... I'm sorry!

Here's some thinspo/inspiration. I'm attempting to stop cutting (epically fucking failing... it's almost like eating... lmao. I either don't do it or I do a shitload of it) and now my thighs are covered in bruises (it's not cutting if I'm just punching myself, right?) and my legs/stomach/hips are covered in cuts.. oh how fucking amazing.

Point of the cutting rant: When I was Googling this chick, I saw she was wearing a TWLOHA tshirt! YAY!!! Made me happy =3

She's Dawn Michele from Fireflight. Christian band. I love their song Unbreakable.

And some thinspo/inspiration <3 I think she's gorgeous ^_^


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  1. Keep trying love, tomorrow's another day. I love fireflight - such good stuff.


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