February 22, 2011

Promised Post!

Kinda like the promised land... but this one is definitely not flowing with milk and honey!

So for some reason I'm really happy. Well, I mean... I'm getting a 5 day weekend cause we have a snow day today =D And it's pretty outside. And I'm not weighing myself but I am exercising every night so I guess I'm being healthy...

Off topic but this is a lovely song... Fly by We As Human <3
Apparently they're a Christian band... cool!

Sigh... on the food-related side... ugh I don't fucking know. I throw up too much (yeah it's on purpose, don't worry) and now it's like every day my heart does this weird little shit and it's nothing serious but it does worry me cause what if it gets worse?

Oh and I really wanted to share this with you girls/guys... It made me cry, so if you feel a bit...unstable today, then don't look at it... I got the link/info from another blog I was reading.
Yeah that... just something to think about I guess. Is being thin really worth that? She was only 14...

Um yeah... I don't know. I'm just scared that...that happened.

Ugh ok I'm not talking about it cause that would make the whole trigger warning pointless and narg I don't want to be the reason someone gets all messed up.

On the nerdy side... I changed my RS name (contact to the right has been updated!) and I've discovered that I adore RS music... The Glacialis stuff makes me happy ^_^ And it's strangely motivational, or at least mesmerizing...

I'll hopefully have a weight for you guys next post. Estimate: 65kg. Oink oink!

I love you ladies <3 And any guys who read of course ^_^ It's just the ladies who comment.

Ooo and thank you for the tea comments =) <3

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  1. Hmm. Looking at the link, it's weird they associated not being revived with the consequences of being weak and thin, instead of the suicide itself. Although the depression could be responsible for both the suicide and eating disorder itself. Very sad.


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