February 21, 2011


Thank you, Night Flower <3

Ok I'll do a legit post tomorrow, but HOLY SHIT it bothers me when people talk about "chai tea"... is this some English-speaking thing I haven't figured out yet? Cause in Russian, chai is the generic word for tea... so what I hear is "tea tea" and the person thinking they're so damn sophisticated. Er yeah good job you just said the same word in two different languages. Want a fucking medal for that?

Mrg. Someone please enlighten me...


  1. haha. Chai tea is a little bit redundant even in English, but not quite as bad as that. Chai is used to refer to a specific type of tea here, so technically we could just say "chai" but to talk about other types of tea like herbal or green or black we use those words. Like "herbal tea" "green tea" so some people think chai is more of an adjective like that. And that's the story behind "chai tea".

  2. Haha the word for tea in Croatian is pronounced the same way! So yes, I hear tea tea as well! :P
    I guess Kari explained it, but I still think it's a little strange.
    Take care :] xxx


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